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MIA FOUNDATION was created in 1995 intending to contribute social life in the field of social, health, and education with the consciousness of social responsibility. It has awarded scholarships to thousands of students for twenty-five years, supported the treatment and families of leukemia children, moreover, it continues supporting. It is already known; none of us lives for ourselves alone and none of us can be responsible only for ourselves. We are all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. The base point is to halve our sadness by sharing and double our happiness by sharing.

MIA was founded as the fruit of these feelings and thoughts with the efforts and opportunities of our foundation. we believe that our center which designed to meet the fundamental needs of disadvantaged people at the same place, in terms of service awareness and physical features, will be a prototype for future projects.

As like our forefathers left us the manner of helping others through the foundation, in the same way, it is necessary for us to leave the future generations permanent works that will perform this purpose. We are so proud of have joined this caravan.

The goal of our foundation; provide a better service by our team and increase the number of our centers.

In our view, true happiness comes only by making others happy.