Legal Consultancy

“Health in everywhere” legal department; consists of lawyers who are experts in their fields, especially in the fields of law of foreigners and health law, and offers quality and experienced consultancy and advocacy services for legal situations that our clients may encounter during their time in Turkey.

Providing professional support to our clients in legal situations they may encounter is a must of “Health in everywhere”s holistic service approach. We communicate effectively with our clients and provide them comprehensive, unique legal services through early, thorough involvement of the legal situation they may encounter. We solve all the problems that our clients experience or may experience, creatively and effectively, by identifying legal risks and opportunities in a timely manner.

All written and verbal information and personal data shared by our clients with “Health in everywhere” are protected with the principles of privacy and confidentiality while legal obligations regarding to the storage of personal data are meticulously complied with the principle of confidentiality of information.