About Us

Who are we?

Today, development is observed in health tourism, as is the case with all other fields. Advancements in web technologies and more common use of digital marketing techniques in marketing activities accelerated this development. This new-generation health tourism lead to radical changes and differentiation in typical processes by technology. Based on the quick climb of e-trade at global scale, all other sectors started keeping pace with this conversion. At this very point, “healthineverywhere.com” is a initiative started up by professionals of healthcare, informatics and digital marketing under umbrella of “Her Yerde Sağlık A.Ş. (Health in Everywhere Inc.).

Why “healthineverywhere.com”?

“healthineverywhere.com” is not merely a web site or an organization that aims of to manage typical health tourism. Based on an insight that aims to fulfill all requirements of e-trade, digital marketing and customer satisfaction, all creating a difference in health tourism and paved the way for new generation health tourism, it is holistic approach that makes a decision on the healthcare service requested by clients and other services needed alongside the healthcare service by comparing qualifications and conditions of all service suppliers and requested services and that helps clients get support in their native language over call centers and communication channels to offer safe and transparent counseling service.

We are experts in our business

We have the human resources, technical knowledge and equipment that will enable us to do our job in the best way on the way we started.

We make a difference by increasing our competitive power and setting an example with the best technically required and user-friendly applications.

We strive for high satisfaction

We want everyone to share our result-oriented and high motivation so that everyone we serve leaves our contracted institutions in the most satisfied way. We take care that every decision and action we take in line with our corporate strategies leads us to a result.

We are innovative and creative

We are curious, innovative and researcher in line with the requirements of the time. We support new ideas and take time to think. We see problems as opportunities, not obstacles, and enjoy solving them. We learn from our mistakes and consider every day that passes without making a difference wasted.

We support continuous development

As a team, we attach importance to continuous research and development, follow the trends, and do our best to create new ones. We provide feedback for improvement and welcome criticism openly.