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Lokman Hekim Health Group was founded in 1996 in Ankara by entrepreneurs who have made a heartfelt union. The founders, who aim to be the "brand organization " that comes to mind when the hospital is mentioned; By performing its duties duly, it set out to provide quality, economical and accessible health services. In this process, they adopted the concept of "people-oriented service".

Lokman Hekim Health Group, which set out with the aim of being "the first brand institution that comes to mind when the hospital is mentioned , " started its journey in the health sector as an "polyclinic" . “Your Healing Door ” , the slogan of the group, came to life with the polyclinic in Ankara's Kurtuluş district, and the first door of healing was opened.   


Lokman Hekim Health Group has aimed to offer excellence with its expert staff and awareness of its responsibilities since the day it was founded . Lokman Hekim, who closely follows the technological developments in the sector, provides services at the highest level of technology in diagnosis and treatment. Lokman Hekim offers its patients the comfort of being treated in a safe environment, with imaging units and laboratories equipped with advanced technology devices. Lokman Hekim Health Group aims to be a bridge between Eastern and Western medicines, which are the representatives of scientific and modern medicine, without breaking away from the traditions, culture and people of the lands where it was born .        

Lokman Hekim Health Group, which soon won the favor of patients in the provision of health services , opened Etlik Hospital in 2002 and continued to be a door of healing for wider masses. 

Lokman Hekim Health Group, which wants to open new doors of healing, opened Lokman Hekim Ankara Hospital in Sincan in 2008 . Thus, an important step has been taken to be “accessible” in the provision of health services . Lokman Hekim Ankara Hospital, which was completely built as a hospital building by using all the modern facilities required by the age , started to be a healing door for the emergency patients transported by helicopter ambulances from Ankara and its surroundings with its helipad .     

Lokman Hekim Health Group, in order to deliver the investments it has made in the field of health to all segments of the society and to realize its growth targets in the national sense; In 2011, it took its place in Borsa Istanbul as a public offering. Thus, Lokman Hekim Health Group offered its shares to the public in addition to its service provision.  

When we come to 2012, Lokman Hekim Health Group; Lokman Hekim Van Hospital was began to service with the ideals of expanding its family, spreading the service quality throughout the country and reaching all segments .Especially after the earthquake disaster in the region, the role it assumed in the field of health and the wounds it inflicted strengthened the bond of affection between the people of the region and the Lokman Hekim family. Lokman Hekim Hayat Hospital was put into the service of the people of the region in 2013, after a short period of one year, due to the strength it received from here and the demands of the people of the region for their health needs . In this way, Lokman Hekim has reached the equipment and structural size that can serve not only the people of Van, but also the surrounding provinces in the region, and even other neighboring countries by going beyond the borders of the country.    

Lokman Hekim Health Group has shown itself not only in the country but also abroad over time, and has managed to attract attention both in the field of health services and investment. By constantly adding new investments to its investments and development, it has continued to provide services aiming for excellence in the international arena as well as in the national arena. Lokman Hekim, established the Erbil Diagnostic Center in Iraq in 2013 and added a new one frontier to the country to its healing doors; It has also taken important steps in Health Tourism with the representative offices it opened in Amersfort, Netherlands, Gothenburg, Sweden, Hergeysa in Somaliland and Baku, Azerbaijan.  

In 2016, Lokman Hekim Health Group made another big investment by incorporating Akay Hospital, one of the most well-known hospitals in Ankara, with the power and support it received from hundreds of thousands of people it healed and its investors. Lokman Hekim Health Group, which aims to be both a national and international healing door, opened the Lokman Hekim Demet Medical Center in 2016 and continued to be the "healing door" all over Ankara.  

Together with Lokman Hekim Akay Hospital and Lokman Hekim Demet Medical Center, which were included in the group in 2016; With its total number of beds and employment, it also took the rightful pride of being the “Biggest Healthcare Group” of the capital Ankara.

Lokman Hekim, which has grown rapidly with a quarter-century of experience in health service delivery and successful initiatives in health services, entered the Higher Education Field, one of the great ideals of the group, in 2017 and took an important step towards being an example in Education as well as in Health. Lokman Hekim has also pioneered the establishment of Lokman Hekim University, which started its education life with the slogan of “The Future is Waiting for You” and has been its biggest supporter. 

Lokman Hekim Ankara Hospital, which started to serve in 2008, has started to provide academic activities as well as treatment services as "Lokman Hekim University Ankara Hospital " as of January 1, 2020 . Continuing on its way with the support of Lokman Hekim University's strong academic staff, Lokman Hekim University Ankara Hospital continues to make a difference in healthcare service delivery. 

Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital, which started to serve in 2002 and is the first major hospital of Lokman Hekim Health Group , has completely renovated its existing building and has a brand new look with the new building built right next to it . Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital, which is the birthplace of Lokman Hekim Health Group like tens of thousands of babies born in its clinics, continues to serve with its modern architecture, advanced health technology and renewed face.  

Lokman Hekim Health Group, aiming to provide quality, affordable and accessible health services since the day it was founded, opened the "Lokman Hekim University Sögütözü Dental Hospital" in 2021 in order to offer the most comprehensive treatment services in the field of oral and dental health.

Today, Lokman Hekim Health Group, with its modern hospitals, Lokman Hekim University, medicine and diagnosis centers and the army of experts in their fields, is proud and happy to heal more than one million patients a year. Lokman Hekim Health group, which provides hope and healing to foreign and international patients, combines accessible quality health care service with high patient satisfaction, fulfills its founding philosophy and proceeds resolutely towards becoming a healing door.