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Doruk Healthcare Group first started to serve people in Bursa with a small medical center in 1998. Since the day we began to actively serving you,we have grown strong and came to the present day with the help of our experienced physicians and health professionals.We became a companion to you and tried to make life a privilege for you with the slogan of “Health at Doruk, privilege in life”. Many newborns have opened their eyes for the first time in our hospitals and “began to a new life” as well as we have looked after many of our patients while we heal them.

Doruk : Doruk HEalthcareGroup Is A Very Well Known Medical Corporation In Bursa

As a local medical establishment, we reflect the concept; “Bursa’s Hospital”. With the involvement of “Doruk Private Bursa Hospital” in our healthcare group,we have established an emotional connection with the Bursa residents.Likewise, Bursa's first private hospital has always pushed the limits, accordingly has been the best in our opinion. In December 2018, we have expanded our services incorporating Setbaşı Medical Center, one of the well-established health centers of Bursa, which started operating in 1982. Doruk Healthcare Group, which integrates its patient-oriented understanding with its top quality services and looks to the future with hope.

Providing top quality healthcare services to the society with the help of the cutting edge medical technologies without conceding the ethical principles, and respecting to the patient rights in the medical services we have specialized.

To be renowned as “Doruk Healthcare Group” at both National and International platforms in terms of providing quality services.