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Established in 1996 with the aim of providing world-class health services, Yaşam Hospitals Group continues its provision of safe, effective and affordable medical care by working with a large, highly-experienced team of nearly 2,000 healthcare professionals composed of general physicians, specialists, nurses and auxiliary health personnel.

Totalling 60,000 square meters of space spread across Turkey’s attractive resort city of Antalya, the hospital–known locally as Yaşam Hastaneler Grubu–has a total of 550 beds and 30 operating rooms to accommodate patients from all over the world.

As well as a local Turkish patients, the hospital welcomes patients from the UK, EU, Middle East and North America who fly into the city’s international airport seeking safe, expert care–only without the long waiting times and prohibitively expensive prices associated with private healthcare in the West.

Plastic Surgery Department at Yaşam Hospitals Group

The group’s Plastic Surgery Department offers a wide range of procedures performed under the same roof by a team of board-registered surgeons. Carried out with high success rates and following international guidelines on safety and sterilisation, popular options at Yasam include:

- Otoplasty (ear surgery)

- Eyelid surgery

- Rhinoplasty (nose work)

- Liposuction

- Tummy tucks

- Breast enlargement/reduction

- Breast lifts

- Body lift (removal or loose skin around the midriff, buttocks, legs, arms, back, etc)

- Chemical peels and dermabrasions

- Reconstruction of congenital anomalies

This department also offers Mommy Makeovers packages, which are tailor-made for women who’ve finished having children and desire to regain a pre-pregnancy figure without having to endure multiple surgeries. The session will typically target loose skin around the midriff, as well as add volume and perkiness to the breasts and/or buttock region. While highly flexible, Mommy Makeovers are normally limited to three or four procedures carried out at the same time so as to minimize the time a patient needs to be under general anesthesia.

It should be noted that this plastic surgery department is located on the Lara (east coast) side of the city.

Orthopedics Center at Yaşam Hospitals Group

Yaşam’s dedicated Orthopedics Center is where surgical procedures to restore the function of a joint (known as arthroplasty) are carried out, as well as other associated treatments and procedures.

Using advanced techniques, such as joint replacement and revision, soft tissue repair and bone fusion, specialists here treat patients with problems concerning different areas of the body as a result of injury, disease or degenerative issues, including:

- Knees (tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joint)

- Shoulder arthroplasty

- Foot procedures for degenerative problems and diabetic feet

- Hand and upper extremity surgeries

- Microvascular reconstructions

Yaşam Oncology Center

With a team of experienced doctors and a policy of using the latest, most advanced technology in the field, this department offers a wide range of diagnostic services performed in a dedicated Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Unit, including:

- Radiotherapy

- Positron emission tomography

- CT scans

- Scintigraphy (radioactive tracing)

- Digital mammography

- Tomography

- MR scans

- Conventional radiology care

The Nuclear Medicine department offers diagnostic support and radioactive iodine therapy for the treatment of thyroid diseases. The team, which has been recognised for its outstanding work in both the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, also performs surgical procedures, offering a second chance at life to patients.

It should be noted that the hospital’s Orthopedics/Oncology departments are located in the Vakif area of Antalya, a short drive from their other departments in the city center and Lara.

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