Which Implant Brand Is Suitable For Me?

Which Implant Brand Is Suitable For Me?

In 2021, Turkey Hosted Approximately 500,000 Patients In The Field Of Health. Dental Implants Took The Lead Among The Procedures That Are Preferred By Those Who Came To Turkey For Health Tourism. Dental Implant Treatment Has Become A Rapidly Increasing Method In Recent Years. When The Implant Costs Are Considered, Dental Treatment Is Performed At Affordable Prices In Turkey.

Turkey Is A Very Advantageous Country In Terms Of Dental Tourism. The Ones Who Prefer Turkey, Consider The Summer Months As A “Dental Holiday”. Tourists, Who Get Dental Implant Treatment During Their Dental Holiday, Enjoy The Sea, Sand, And Sun In The Holiday Destination Antalya At The Same Time.

Dental Health Centers Are Available In Many Cities Of Turkey, Equipped With Specialist Dentists And Modern Medical Devices. Payment Plans Of Dental Health Centers In Turkey Are Also Much More Affordable Compared To Many Countries. Because Of The Depreciation Of The Turkish Lira Against The Foreign Currency, Prices For Dental Tourism And Dental Implants Are Also Quite Low In Contrast With Many Alternative Countries. To Measure The Success Of Turkey On Dental Implants, You Can Have A View By Reading The Comments On Various Forum Sites About Dental Implants In Turkey. As You Can Understand From These Comments, Dental Implant Costs In Turkey Are More Charming Than In The World’s Leading Countries In Terms Of Price And Success. Price Lists Of Dental Health Centers In Turkey Can Change Depending On The Fluctuation In The Exchange Rate. Therefore, It Is Required To Contact The Relevant Healthcare Institution To Find A Current List.

Those Who Prefer Turkey For Dental Operation And Dental Design Can Be Sure About The Success Of The Treatment. Turkish Dentists Are Quite Successful In Implant Bleeding And Removal Of The Implants. Turkey Has A Success Rate In The Applications Of Implant Bridges And Implant Placement That Many Dental Clinics In Europe Do Not Have. Dental Health Clinics In Turkey Respond To All The Questions You Ask About Dental Implants Via Their Staff With A High Level Of Foreign Language Proficiency And Provide The Opportunity To Make Online Interviews. You Can Be Sure That During These Interviews You Will Even Find The Answer To The Question Of “Which Implant Brand Is Suitable For Me?”. In Turkey, Where Difficult Operations Such As Bone Implants Are Performed Successfully, The Side Effects Of Implant Removal Are Also Very Rare.

100,000 Tourists A Year Get Dental Treatment In Turkey

Satisfaction Rates Of Those Who Prefer Turkey For Dental Treatment Have Exceeded 90 Percent. The Number Of Foreigners To Get Dental Treatment Reaches Up To 100,000 In Turkey, Which Annually Hosts 500,000 Tourists In The Field Of Health. These People Spend Approximately 2,5 Billion Dollars Of Foreign Currency In The Country Annually. In The Last 5 Years, Turkey’s Share Of Health Tourism In The World Is Growing By 25 Percent Every Year. With The Decrease In Pandemic Conditions And The Resurrection Of Health Tourism, Turkey Is Expected To Come To The Fore In Health Tourism, Especially In Dental Treatment.

Besides Offering Many Advantages In Terms Of Health Tourism, Turkey Also Has Advanced Technologies And Specialist Doctors In The Field Of Dentistry. Price Advantage In Treatments Is Also The Most Important Factor To Prefer Turkey. Aesthetic Dental Filling, Bleaching, Implants, Orthodontics, Aesthetic Laminate, Smile Aesthetics, And Dental Prosthesis Are Among The Most Performed Dental Applications. When It Comes To Health Tourism In Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Mugla, And Izmir Take Place Near The Top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does The Payment Plan Of Dental Centers In Turkey Mean?

Payment Plans Of The Dental Centers In Turkey Are Flexible. You Can Make Payment Whether Through The Digital Banking Channels In The Country You Reside In Or By Hand At The Dental Clinic In Turkey Where You Receive Treatment. Personalized Payment Plans Can Also Be Offered Alternatively In One-On-One Interviews.

  • What Is An Implant-Supported Prosthesis?

Prostheses Are Used For The Patients Who Receive Implant Treatment. These Prostheses Take On The Task Of The Real Teeth. Dental Implant Treatment Consists Of Two Stages. At First, The Implant Is Placed, Then It Is Covered With The Gum And Left To Heal. Subsequently, Prosthetic Heads Are Placed.

  • What Is The Cost Of Dental Implants In Turkey?

As In Many Healthcare Applications, Turkey Has The Lowest Costs In Europe In Terms Of Dental Implants. Dental Implant Application Has Become Very Affordable For Foreign Citizens Together With The Depreciation Of The Turkish Lira Against The Foreign Currency. Please Contact The Healthcare Center In Turkey To Find Out The Current List Of Dental Implants.

  • What Are The Side Effects Of Implant Removal?

A Specialist Dentist Can Perform The Removal Operation Easily And Comfortably. Usually, Implants That Cannot Unite With The Jawbone Are Removed. There Is No Reason To Be Anxious About The Side Effects Of The Implant Removal Operations, Which Are Performed By Specialist Dentists In Professional Dental Clinics.