Bursa Check-up MRI Campaign

Would you like to have your health check-up during vacation?

Early diagnosis saves live in all diseases. The most important early diagnosis method is to have a check-up. Would you like to have a check-up closed to your holiday location, including whole body MRI under the control of the specialist at our hospitals with professional service?

Thanks to the whole body magnetic resonance (MR) scan, which is a radiation-free radiological imaging method, early diagnosis of tumors in many organs is ensured.

With Check-up packages suitable for you, you can determine your possible health problems in advance and have the chance for early diagnosis and treatment.

From the moment you step into the hospital, your examinations will be organized in a short time under the guidance of our expert consultants, who support you in your mother language during the whole processes, and you will have comprehensive information about your health, diagnosed by our specialist.

For more detailed information, you can contact us or fill in the form below and we will call, when its comfortable for you.

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