Who is suitable for breast augmentation surgery?

While Aesthetic Trends In The World Change Day By Day, Breast Augmentation Becomes One Of The Most Performed Operations In This Area. Turkey Has An Important Place In The Field Of Breast Aesthetics. Since Breast Aesthetics Is Excessively Repeated In Theory And Practice In Turkey, The Success Rate Is Also High. Although Breast Aesthetics Is Mostly Performed With Surgical Operations, There Are Also Some Non-Operative Breast Augmentation Solutions.

Women Generally Demand Breast Aesthetics In The Treatment Of Breast Volume Reduction After Pregnancy, To Eliminate The Volumetric Difference Between The Breasts And After Cancer Surgery. In Addition, The Ones Who Have Sagging Breasts Due To Old Age Or Have Congenitally Small Or Large Breasts Can Be In Search Of Breast Augmentation Methods Since They Are Not Satisfied With Their Appearances.

Silicone Prostheses Are Used

Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Performed Under General Anesthesia. A Silicone Breast Prosthesis Is Used In The Operation. The Breast Prosthesis Is Applied Through The Incisions Made Under The Breast. Silicone Prosthesis Is Placed Under The Breast Tissue Or Behind The Breast Muscle. After The Operation That Takes Around 2 Hours, It Is Sufficient To Stay For One Day In The Hospital.

It Is Expected That Scars, Swellings, Tingling, And Burning Sensations Will Disappear Slowly Within 2 Or 6 Weeks After Breast Augmentation Surgery. The Area Where The Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Performed Is Bandaged And The Patient Is Dressed In A Corset. Most Patients Can Return To Social Activities After 2 Weeks. Since Breast Aesthetics Is A Painstaking Job, It Is Necessary To Treat The Breasts Gently For 6 Weeks.

Turkey Is Successful In Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Is Performed With Silicone Implants In Turkey As Well As In The World. It Can Be Made From The Nipple, Under-Breast Line, Or Under The Armpit. An Incision Of Approximately 4 Centimeters Is Made. A Gap Is Created According To The Same Size That Is Required For The Breast Augmentation And The Silicone Is Placed. There Are Two Types Of Implants. When Deciding Which One To Place, The Shape, Structure, And Size Of The Breasts And The Patient’s Requests Are Evaluated Together. The Aim Of Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Not To Have Large Breasts But To Make Breasts Compatible With The Body Contour. If Turkey’s Best Breast Augmentation Doctors Were Ranked, Many Candidates Could Emerge In This Area. Because Numerous Successful Doctors Perform Breast Augmentation Surgery In Turkey. For This Reason, It Is Quite Difficult To Suggest The Best Breast Augmentation Doctor In Turkey. Turkey Has Come A Long Way In Breast Aesthetics.

The Prostheses, Which Are Used In Breast Augmentation Operations Do Not Have Any Contact With The Breast Tissue. The Prosthesis Is Placed Under The Breast Or Behind The Breast Muscle. In This Way, The Patients Do Not Have Any Difficulty About Breastfeeding. There Is No Possibility Of Mixing The Contents Of The Breast Prosthesis Into The Milk. Women With Silicone Prostheses Can Breastfeed Their Babies Easily.

In Addition, Breast Prosthesis Does Not Cause Any Disease. Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Performed With Prostheses Containing Silicone Gel. Long-Term Clinical And Experimental Studies Have Proven That These Silicones Are Compatible With The Body And Are Fully Reliable. Studies Have Also Shown That It Does Not Cause Cancer. Advancing Technology Also Offers Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods And Silicone-Free Breast Augmentation Options Alternatively.

Breast Aesthetics Prices In 2022

Breast Aesthetics Prices Were Quite Affordable In 2021. Although There Is A Relative Increase As Against The Last Year, Breast Aesthetic Prices Are Still Quite Low In Comparison With Many European Countries. It Will Be Sufficient To Contact An Expert And Reliable Healthcare Institution To Get Information About Breast Aesthetic Prices In Turkey. Due To The Increase In The Exchange Rates, Breast Augmentation Prices Are Quite Low In Turkey. Silicone Breast Prices Are The Same In Many Cities Of Turkey. There Are No Serious Differences Among Breast Augmentation Prices In Turkey. We Recommend You Prefer The Right Intermediary Firms For Breast Aesthetics Prices.

  • Is Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Possible?

There Are Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Alternatives. For Instance, It Is Possible To Enlarge The Breast With Hormones, But It Is Dangerous. No Endocrinologist Supports Breast Augmentation With Hormones. Because Loading Hormones Can Cause Various Complications, Especially Cancer. There Are Also Ones Who Claim To Provide Breast Augmentation With Creams. These Creams Create An Artificial Swelling In The Area By Increasing The Local Bloodstream.

  • Who Is The Best Breast Augmentation Doctor In Turkey?

Turkey Has Made A Great Improvement In Aesthetic Operations. Both Its Technology And The Excessive Number Of Specialists Put Turkey Forward In The Field Of Breast Augmentation Operations. There Is No Definite Answer For The Question Of “Who Is The Best Breast Augmentation Doctor In Turkey?”. There Is A Wide Range Of Good Breast Augmentation Doctors In The Country.

  • What Are The Breast Aesthetics Prices In Turkey?

Having Aesthetic Operations In Turkey Costs Less Than Many European Countries. The Answer To The Question Of “What Are The Prices Of Breast Aesthetics In Turkey?” Varies From City To City, Doctor To Doctor, Quality Of The Accommodation Services, And Many More.

  • Who Should Have Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Women With Breast Volume Reduction After Pregnancy Can Have Breast Augmentation Surgery. Those, Who Have A Serious Volumetric Difference Between Their Breasts, Who Are Not Satisfied With The Size Of Their Breasts And Need Breast Augmentation After Cancer Surgery Can Have Breast Aesthetics. In Addition, The Ones Who Have Sagging Breasts Due To Old Age Or Have Congenitally Small Or Large Breasts Can Adopt Breast Augmentation Methods Since They Are Not Satisfied With Their Appearance.