Eyelid aesthetics Turkey

Eyelid Aesthetics Turkey

In what conditions should eyelid aesthetics be applied?

You can undergo a surgery if one or more of the below specified conditions exist. Briefly, these are as follows;

Periorbital wrinkles

Droopy lower eyelid

Droopy upper eyelid

Excess fat deposition in the eyelids

Bags under eyes

Eyes that look tired, old and even angry.

Excess skin obscuring vision

Other conditions requiring eye aesthetics.

Periorbital surgeries are divided into two main groups. For lower or upper part of the eye, or for both, depending on need, a surgical intervention can be performed in the same session. After examination is completed, treatment plan is determined in line with patient requests and needs.

Procedures Applied in Eyelid Surgery in Turkey.

Generally, a cosmetic eye surgery lasts a short period of time, like 20 to 30 minutes, for each eyelid. In eyelid aesthetics, a small amount of excess skin, muscle tissue underneath and herniated fat pads is excised. Later, these structures are properly closed one by one. As a sufficient amount of excess skin is excised from the upper eyelid, the outcome of the procedure is lifelong.

Large amounts of fat pad and excess tissue should never be excised. After the procedure is completed, the suture line exists on the fold of the eyelid. Since this region involves anatomical creases and folds and very loose tissue, a very minimal scar is left and even it is invisible.

In procedures to be performed for the lower eyelid, an incision made under the eyelash, excess muscle tissue, fat in the eye socket and a sufficient amount of the skin are excised; If required, muscle layer is reinforced to correct fat pads. Only a 1-2 mm of the skin is removed in lower eyelid surgery. More than this amount of skin should never be removed.

Upper eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery

How is lower eyelid aesthetics performed?

Lower eyelid surgery is performed through a cut or only fat removal depending on patient need. Sometimes, fat pads can be eliminated through repositioning method without removal. Examination allows us to select appropriate techniques.

Rarely, excess skin may also be removed through a tiny incision in lower eyelid surgery. In some cases, periorbital fillers can be applied to restore balance between the upper and lower eyelid.


Eyelid surgeries can be performed under local anesthesia. However, I use general anesthesia to maximize performance. It is important that the patient is immobile in such surgeries.

After Eyelid Aesthetics

The orbital region tends to recover faster than other body parts. Thus, recovery period is comfortable in the postoperative course. It is recommended to return daily routines 2-3 days after the operation.

The patient should keep the head erect and apply ice packs to alleviate swelling and bruises. You can start working within a few days if not working in a dusty environment. Prevent surgical site infection.

What are risks of eyelid aesthetics in Turkey?

There are certain risks, albeit a few. Apart from anesthesia related risks, Complications of the surgery are as follows;



Severe scars

Vision loss, albeit rare

Itching at the incision site

Feeling of minimal burn

Pinkish scars

Inability to completely close the eyelids.

Laser eyelid aesthetics

Laser incisions recover faster. Since laser allows blood vessels to close off quickly, bleeding, swelling and bruises are less. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The surgery lasts shorter than conventional method. Laser technology is used in Turkey. It is required to be experienced in this technique.

Combined eyelid aesthetics in Turkey.

Combining a surgery with another surgery is decided depending completely on needs. The decision regarding intervening to both upper and lower eyelids is made on examination. Performing two different procedures in the same session is called combined eyelid surgery.

In some cases, an eyelid surgery can be combined with other surgical procedures such as brow lift and forehead lift. The procedure is commonly included in face lift procedures. Aesthetic appearance of the eyes is maximized when the procedure is combined with almond eye surgery, even if it is not required in practical terms.

Advantages of non-surgical eyelid aesthetics in Turkey

The eyes play an important role in general appearance of the face. If the eyes are droopy or goosefoot wrinkles exist, you may look older and tired than you feel. Laser eyelid aesthetics aims to correct defects and abnormalities of the eyelids. Such conditions may cause cosmetic problems completely or impair eyelid health. Those who undergo eyelid aesthetic gain a more youthful appearance and more self-confident. Outcomes are satisfactory in a substantial part of the patients. In some cases, it may be required to maintain treatment with different procedures. One of the major problems in candidates for eyelid aesthetics is hesitation about whether the procedure should be performed with laser or incision. You can get rid of eyelid problems with non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, if deemed appropriate by your doctor.

Having eyelid aesthetics is now quite simple in Turkey! Contact us for special prices for you. Both to have a holiday and receive treatment.