Breast Augmentation

Do you wish for bigger breasts? Did you lose your size after pregnancy, lactation or dieting? Do you desire to correct asymmetry in breast size?

HealthinEverywhere co-operates with the best and highly experienced board-certified breast surgeons at a modern cosmetic surgery clinic located in Turkey.

HealthinEverywhere offers you Breast Augmentation in Turkey at affordable prices. Operations are performed by European Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in A+ rated facilities with 7/24 customer service and all-inclusive package.

What To Expect?

  • Inpatient: 1 night
  • Anaesthesia: General
  • In Turkey: 5 days
  • Outpatient: 3 days
  • Stitches: Dissolvable
  • Compresion Underwear: 4 weeks after the procedure (included)
  • Light work: 7 days
  • Full Activity: in 4 weeks

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