A Fairy Tale Ankara



Turkey, which is among the most important tourism stops in the world, has countless ancient civilizations, unique natural beauties, an incredible cultural variety and collection. In this context, each city of Turkey deserves to be explained and promoted separately. One of the most beautiful of these cities, Ankara, which was declared the capital of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, has a special place. Ankara hosts many historical sites and natural beauties throughout the province. The city fascinates with its famous monuments, museums, parks and architectural values. We have made together for you the must-visit points of Ankara, which is covered with a white blanket when it snows and turns into a fairy tale city.

  1. Anıtkabir

    Ankara/Anıtkabir image

    Anıtkabir is one of the must-visit places in Ankara. At the entrance of this unique structure, where the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey, is located, the lioned road welcomes you. The unique museum inside contains the cherished memories of Atatürk and the War of Independence.

  2. Atakule

    Ankara/Atakule avm image

    How would you like to explore Ankara from a height of 125 meters? At the same time, you can find the important brands of Turkey in the shopping mall inside and have a pleasant shopping experience. You can drink your coffee and enjoy fresh air in the Botanical Park right next to it.

  3. Aqua Vega

    Ankara/Aqua Vega image

    And here is the huge aquarium Aqua Vega! Europe's second and Turkey's largest tunnel aquarium is in Aqua Vega. The aquarium, where you will make eye contact with 12,000 sea creatures, consists of 24 aquariums with a total water capacity of 5 million liters. Enjoy discovering the most beautiful creatures of the oceans in this wonderful aquarium that takes 15 days to fully fill.

  4. Rahmi M. Koç Museum

    Ankara/Rahmi Koç image

    Get ready for an experience that you will never want to end while traveling! The Çengelhan section of the museum, which consists of two sections, Çengelhan and Safranhan, was built during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. Safranhan was built in 1511 and served as a caravanserai. You will have a quick glance at history with works from steam engines, old cars, transportation, aviation, medicine and old professions in the museum, which contains more than 4,000 works.

  5. Beypazarı

    Ankara/Beypazarı image

    What would it be like to spend a night in a mansion from the 1800s? Beypazarı is a charming district that has managed to reach the present day by carefully preserving its historical mansions. You will want to take the Carrot Delight and Beypazarı Dried Beypazarı, which is also known for its dishes, to your country.

  6. Kızılcahamam

    Ankara/Kızılcahamam image

    Kizilcahamam, which offers the opportunity to watch the natural beauties in the icy open air, in the warm thermal water, was impossible not to be included into this list. Kızılcahamam, which is also an important center of spa tourism with its thermal waters that do not end with counting the benefits, is a center of attraction for those who come to Ankara with its unique nature in the forest.

  7. Toy Museum

    Ankara/Toy Museum image

    Interested in toys? This place is for you. In the toy museum, which was opened in 1990, there are countless toys, both handcrafted and fabricated, that have survived from ancient times to these days. There are traditional toys, beach and garden toys, vehicles, dolls, intelligence games and animal figures in the museum. In this fascinating museum, you will return to your childhood and you will not want to leave.

  8. Anatolian Civilizations Museum

    Ankara/Anatolian Civilizations Museum image

    The museum, which contains the historical memory of Anatolia for thousands of years, is among the few museums in the world. The Anatolian Civilizations Museum, which won the "European Museum of the Year Award" in 1997, hosts many important works from the Prehistoric to the Classical Period. In addition, the wall map found in Çatalhöyük and brought to the museum is the first known city map in the world.